I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Design Lab at the University of California San Diego, mentored by Steven Dow. My research falls at the intersection of social computing and design with the goal of augmenting groups’ ability to solve complex problems. More specifically,  I am exploring new strategies for extending current crowd-civic system to engage the public in massive decision-making processes related to civic issues. 

Previously I was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. I collaborated closely with Kellogg Booth in Computer Science, Ron Kellett and Cynthia Girling in Landscape Architecture and Sheryl Staub-French in Civil Engineering to investigate use of collaboration technology and visualization techniques for the urban built environment. This research recieved the honorable mention award at ISS 2016.

I received my PhD in computer science from the University of Victoria, advised by Melanie Tory, where I was a member of the VisID research group. My dissertation was on designing visualization tools and interaction techniques to facilitate collaborative visual analytics (VA). I identified several considerations for incorporating insight management (note taking, annotation and record-keeping) into the design of collaborative VA tools. This research received a VAST 2014 best paper award. I earned my master’s degree in information technology at the University of Malaya and my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Tehran Azad University.

My research on Information Visualization and Collaborative Technologies applies to a wide range of areas such as business intelligence, intelligence analysis, information visualization, urban design and the decision-making process. It includes elements of information visualization, user interface design, computer-supported cooperative work, collaborative visual analytics, large interactive surfaces, touch-based interactions, user interface design, human computer interaction (HCI), note taking and, evaluation methodologies. One of my future ambitions is to combine my interests in art and computer science to make further contributions to the fields of user experience, human computer interaction and visualization.